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Making use of the motion graphs Complete the following sentences. The instantaneous velocity is the slope at a particular instant on a position-versus-time graph. The displacement is the area under the curve for a particular time interval on a velocity-versus time graph.Summary. Motion can be represented by a position-time graph, which plots position relative to the starting point on the y-axis and time on the x-axis. The slope of a position-time graph represents velocity. The steeper the slope is, the faster the motion is changing. Average velocity can be calculated from a position-time graph as the change in ...Time (s) 14. At what time does the object achieve its max acceleration? 15. Sketch a graph of the kinetic energy of the object as a function of time for one cycle of motion. 16. Sketch a graph of the kinetic energy of the object as a function of its displacement. 10 is 17. Determine the spring constant of this oscillator. 10. 11. 12. 13.• An object is in motion if it changes position over time in relation to a reference point. • Average speed is the total distance that an object travels divided by the total time that the object takes to travel that distance. • Speed can be shown on a graph of position versus time. • Velocity is speed as well as the direction of motion.